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Energy Optimization

PowerCSG's PPO power optimizer enhances the power transfer on the line by augmenting how electricity is displaced on the wire.

As a result inefficiency in electron collision within the system is optimized and thereby wastage in energy reduced.

Real life installations have shown optimization savings from 10% upwards to 34%, and in equipment types ranging from inductive loads to DC loads to resistive loads.

Super-charged Refridgerant

HVAC systems account for over 50% of electricity consumption at commercial buildings.  A high number of them are running at up to 30%+ reduced efficiency as reported by major HVAC manufacturers due to cross system contamination.

PowerCSG's PCS additive contains a patented "active polarized molecule" that attaches itself to the coolant loop of the HVAC system, and displaces contaminants to be filtered out, thereby restoring the HVAC system to its full efficiency.

Successful cases have yielded an average savings of up to 16% from introduction of PCS into their HVAC systems.

Car Park

Automobile Optimizer

Automobile are operated by fuel/combustion and close-looped electrical systems; intertwined together to create mechanical energy for motion and power to fuel electrical components.  In the case of an electric vehicle, one homogeneous electric system powers both.

Interference generated from one subsystems adversely lowers efficiency in the overall system.

Through advancements in thermal dynamics and fuel atomization principles, rare earth material manipulation, and other proprietary means, such fuel and electric subsystems can be enhanced to yield a 10% to 25%+ increase in effectiveness.

Power CSG offers a wide range of cutting edge technologies to fit various industries' needs.

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PowerCSG has successfully designed and deployed energy savings solutions throughout the region and internationally; with savings ranging from 10% and upwards to 23%.

Meet our Partners


Power CSG is a Canadian based energy optimization solution provider, specializing in helping our customers save on energy consumption of all kinds.  Power CSG has partnered with multiple research universities throughout North America, in commercializing a suite of cutting edge solutions that revolutionize power optimization in a wide range of applications.

For over 8 years, Power CSG has expanded its reach within Asia, with its emphasis in the greater China region.  Its wide range of application has been implemented at large energy consuming manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings (both office towers to hotels), data centers, power generation, water purification and waste water purification facilities and other governmental agencies alike; achieving successes throughout.

Changing Worlds

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