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Power Optimization - PPO
  • Reduce kVA wastage

  • Lower kWh

  • Enhance Power Factor (pf)

  • Reduced Harmonics

  • Reduce electrons collisions thereby reducing heat energy generation/loss

  • Suitable for any type and size of equipment, i.e. AC, DC, resistive and VFD equipment

  • Extend the lifespan of all equipment within the circuit

  • Passively reduce carbon footage

  • Designed to operate safely within the existing system, with minimal install interference and therefore riskless operation

PPO - Advantages

Developed utilizing Quantum principles (reverse Hall Effect), our patented PPO device minimizes the natural bombardment of electrons as electricity is conducted, reducing internal friction between electrons thereby increases conductivity within the circuit.

PPO is NOT a capacitor, NOT any smart device that limits the supply of current or voltage and it will NOT alter the power cycle of equipment.  In essence, PPO will increases the efficiency of the treated equipment.

Empirical data confirms an energy savings of 10% to above 20% achievable on various types of loads, including AC, DC, resistive and VFDs.

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